Business Loan

About Our Compnay

Corefield Capital Investment Private Limited was founded in 2012 by Saheb Sahani  with one Goal  to build a platform at the cutting edge of the Indian credit markets.
Our core business is to be a credit partner to growing Indian companies looking to realize the full breadth of their aspirations. Our loan offerings are tailored to meet the needs of most companies - we provide short-term bridge financing, medium-term project financing and we can be term loan or working capital lenders. Our processes are fast and efficient and we fully realise that every borrower is unique and will need a customised credit solution. We have a diverse portfolio of corporate borrowers across India, many of whom are repeat borrowers which is evidence of our commitment to building long-term relationships with our clients.
In addition to our corporate lending business, in 2012 we applied for, and received, a license to operate a Finance Company. Corefield Capital Investment Private Limited  is helping us reach some of the millions of aspiring home buyers who need just a bit of help in realizing a cherished dream. It gives us tremendous satisfaction to add the Private Finance & Bank Finance  to our list of product offerings, and to which we continue to add new Business loan products.
As we continue to grow our wider platform, we have started initiatives focused on giving individual and corporate investors, in India and globally, access to fixed-income investment opportunities across investment size and structure. Our entire platform is underpinned by excellence, transparency and the ability to deliver long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders, whether borrowers or investors.
Headquartered in Mumbai, we have a deeply experienced team which is motivated to work to the highest levels of excellence as we move closer to our collective goal of building the leading credit platform in India. We have come a long way towards realizing that vision these past Six years. The next Six promise to be even more exhilarating for us, our investors and our clients.
There is much more to Corefield Capital Investment Private Limited  than this short teaser. From investment opportunities in fixed income for families and corporate treasuries to refinancing solutions for companies in distress and more, our platform is wide. Please call us if you would like to share this journey with us, either as a client or as an employee, or if you are simply curious enough to want to learn more about us.